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Loksabha Elections 2014

Complainin for inciting communal violence

The MLA’s statement that BJP workers should not allow AAP volunteers to enter the houses of people and ensure they are forcibly driven out, has been reported in the media and the concerned MLA has confirmed her statement. What is more serious is that the statement was made in the presence of BJP’s Uttar Pradesh incharge, Amit Shah, whose track record is well known to the Election Commission also. Read More

Why, Mr Modi?

This was a routine talk show on a national news channel. I was participating in this discussion as AAP representative. BJP and Cong. representatives were busy in cock fighting, the topic of discussion was Modi's changing language and religion in politics. everything was going on as usual. 

But what happened next was unbelievable. a group of 6-7 people suddenly came from to where and started disturbing the cameraman. They were shouting and trying to disturb the show, for sometime i tried to keep my focus on the discussion but then one of these man actually came in front of camera in order to block the live telecast. 

Book Togadia for hate speech

The Aam Aadmi Party strongly condemns the hate speech given by Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) president Pravin Togadia in Bhavnagar, Gujarat on Saturday evening targeting Muslims for buying properties in certain areas.

This is an extremely shocking and a shameful act and goes against the constitution of India which provides equality and freedom for every citizen.  Read More

BJP-Cong deal on snooping

The BJP and Congress must make public their stands on the serious issue of illegal snooping of a young woman by the Narendra Modi government of Gujarat in 2009 by misusing the state machinery. Both these parties cannot be allowed to mislead the people of Varanasi on the issue of women safety through their mysterious silence. At a time when different political parties are going to the voters, it is their duty to tell the truth to the people about their stands on important issues. Read More

BJP misbehaviour in Varanasi

The Aam Aadmi Party strongly condemns the attempts by BJP workers to disrupt the movement of its leaders, including national convenor Arvind Kejriwal, at Varanasi on Thursday night.

BJP workers tried to block the movement of Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh at a busy chowk in the town. They not only indulged in illegal activities, but in full public view, these BJP workers also made obscene gestures and used abusive language. All these activities have been recorded by the cameras of electronic media. Read More


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