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Register Member Data

(More details of the Main Bhi Aam Aadmi membership drive)

Please use this page to upload the data from the "Main Bhi Aam Aadmi" membership drive. Here are the instructions. 

1. The field's marked with  are mandatory. 

2. Select "Membership Not Available" option if the memebrs you have made have NOT been issued a membership number yet. To upload the data for those members who have received membership number, use the option "Membership Number Available"

3. Please fill the Volunteer details section with your information, not the members. 

4. In the Member's details, fill in the details of the members. You can enter details of upto 20 members of the same State, District, Assembly Constituency and STD code at a time. 

5. Click on "Save and enter more numbers" button if you want to enter details of additional members and repeat the process. 

6. If the data is being entered for those members whose membership number had not been generated before, the membership number will be generated on the screen, against each row. Please note the membership number on the counterfoil that you have.  


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