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Muslims under the fold of AAP

Need to Uplift Muslim community educationally by giving equal opportunity — Arvind Kejriwal

As Aam Aadmi Party moves closer to victory in Delhi Assembly elections, people from all communities are reposing their faith in the vision of AAP by joining the party officially. Today, several well known Muslim scholars and social activists including office bearers of AMU and Jamila Milia Islamia University, Alumini and student leaders of these universities, joined AAP. Irfanullan Khan and Firoz Bhakt Ahmed were the prominent faces who joined the party in a public meeting held at Constitutional Club.

Irfanullah Khan, Chairman of Jamia Nagar Coordination Committee, is a social activist who has lent his voice for the development of minorities. Ex AMU President, Irfanullah Khan was earlier the National Secretary and Spokesperson of Janta Dal. Another prominent person who joined AAP today is Firoz Bakht Ahmed who is also the grandnephew of Maulana Azad. He is well known for his heritage activism and has raised issues of Muslim Community, especially the youth. Other eminent Muslim leaders who had joined AAP were Mashkur Ahmed (ex Jamia Millia Student President, Arif Jamal, Shakil Malik, Shahid Azad and Rais Ahmed. Along with them, more than 100 alumini of AMU and Jamia Millia University joined the Party.

Speaking at the event, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal clearly stated that he had never believed in the policy of appeasement of Muslims but giving equal opportunities to all communities. He also emphasised on the need for upliftment of the community by imparting quality education. He said, for this when AAP comes to power would focus on government schools whose facilities would be better than the best of public schools.

Yogendra Yadav clearly stated that Congress party has been cajoling Muslims due to which the community has been distancing themselves from it slowly and surely. While speaking for the Muslim community, he categorically mentioned that that they have been a deprived section like the Dalits but have been left to fend for themselves.

Firoz Bakht Ahmed stated that the reason for joining AAP was that except this party, all the other parties were playing communal card appeasing either one or the other community while AAP's card clearly is — India card, seething need of the hour. Bakht also said, “It can be seen that the so called Muslim leaders, clerics and even petty politicians are becoming richer and richer day by say while the people they represent, are languishing in their ghettos and their institutions like the Urdu medium schools and madrasas have been neglected by the Congress to become no more than obscure dungeons.”

Irfanullah Khan lauded the efforts of AAP and appealed the Muslim masses all over Delhi and the country to strengthen Aam Aadmi Party by joining the Party in large numbers and ensuring its victory.

In a separate development, Ram Sevak Upadhyay who was the President of Karawal Nagar Assembly Unit of Samajwadi Party (SP) has also joined AAP today. Upadhyay met Arvind Kejriwal today and joined the party officially.  He has earlier contested 2012 MCD elections from West Karawal Nagar ward and secured 5329 votes.

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