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National Executive

The party Executive comprises of the following members:-

ARVIND KEJRIWAL  - He resigned from the Indian revenue services to plunge into social work to create awareness campaigns. After successfully carrying out campaign on Right To information Act, he brought in together prominent citizens on a common platform to start movement for “Jan Lokpal Bill”. Arvind has been awarded the prestigious “Raman Magsaysay Award”  for his contribution to the social work. He has made all possible efforts to compel the Government to pass “Jan Lokpal Bill”. For this he fasted from 25th. July 2012 for ten days.

MANISH SISODIA   - By profession Manish Sisodia is a journalist who had worked on various positions for a long time in Television and Radio and has now got involved in movement for social awareness on full time basis. He has played an active role in the campaign for Swaraj, campaign for Right to information Act and Jan Lokpal campaign. He has fought a long battle for Jan Lokpal campaign and sat on a fast for ten days in July of 2012.

GOPAL RAI - Gopal Rai is associated with Student’s movement and for a long time with All India Students Association. After resigning from A.I.S.A he was associated with Indian Students Union as its President. Right from the very beginning he was working for Janlokpal movement. For this Gopal Rai sat on a fast in July 2012 for ten days.

SANJAY SINGH - Sanjay Singh is getting associated with social welfare programme like, cleaning of rivers, taking care of destitute patients in the hospital, providing shelters for the homeless etc.. As president of Independent Social welfare society he has been active in providing assistance to the people affected by natural calamities. Sanjay Singh has fought for the right of the students to the right of the people living in slums.  He is associated with Jan Lokpal movement right from the very beginning.

PANKAJ GUPTA  - As professional engineer Pankaj Gupta after having worked for twenty five years on various senior positions in software companies resigned and took up active social work. He began to teach children from economically backward section of society. Pankaj Gupta is associated with Janlokpal movement on a full time basis.

Dr. Kumar Vishwas - He is a well-known poet. He has recited his poetry both in India and abroad. Through his poetry he is known as one of the most popular poets of the country. Kumar Vishwas is very popular amongst the youth. He makes some bold and scathing remarks on the social issue through the medium of his poetry. He is associated with the Janlokpal movement right from the very beginning.

NAVEEN JAIHIND - He is involved in social service work. He had started the movement for Right to Information Act and campaigned for Swaraj in Haryana.  He has been organising Blood donation camps and camps for donation of body organs.  Under the name “Jaihind” he formed an organisation of students on 15th. August 2006. Navin has been associated with Janlokpal movement right from the very beginning.

DINESH WAGHELA  -  Active in both social and spiritual works Dinesh Waghela had participated in J.P. Narayan movement and Navnirman movement. Fighting corruption as a worker of Right to Information Act he got involved actively with the Janlokpal movement, providing meaningful support.

HABUNG PAYENG - He was an Information commissioner in Arunachal Pradesh. He is counted as one of the most strict and adept Information Officer in the country. By passing strict orders against the officers not providing information, he had created quite a stir in the state. Before becoming the Information Commissioner Habung Payeng was actively contributing to social work.  Habang Payeng’s contribution has strengthened the Political awareness in North East states.

YOGESH DHAHIYA - He is a well-known leader of Farmers in the Western Uttar Pradesh. He has been giving voice to the demands of Sugar Cane farmers. Yogesh Dhahiya has fought a long battle, both on the level of land and law, to get just prices for sugar cane to farmers.       

ILLIAS AZMI - He was elected MP,  twice from Uttar Pradesh. Illias Azmi was always supportive of our movement and now has again joined politics full time for “AAM AADMI”  party.

SUBHASH WARE - He was the President of “Chatrabharati”  for Maharashtra. He has headed many agitations and now decided to work towards changing the politic of the country along with “AAM AADMI” party.

KRISHNAKANT SEVADA -  (Sanjuji) Krishnakant Sevda is from Rajasthan. After completing masters in Law and Commerce he has joined his pet field financial administration with the movement.He is a supporter of not only financial honesty but also of moral honesty.

MAYANK GANDHI - He is a social worker. He has worked actively with many social and business organisations. Mayank Gandhi has contributed actively in formulating many useful laws like Right to Information for Maharashtra, Law relating to transfer of Government employee, law relating to Nagar Raj Bill. Mayank Gandhi is associated with Janlokpal movement right from the very beginning and has contributed a lot in strengthening the movement in Maharashtra.

PREM SINGH PAHARI - He joined many political parties where he has had bad experiences. He realised that these parties had no agenda for welfare of the country and therefore, he distanced himself from politics. Now he is seeing sentiment of welfare with the AAM AADMI party, which is promising to change the political system of the country, he has decided to re-join politic.

PRITHVI REDDY - Prithvi Reddy is a Mechanical Engineer and an Entrepreneur. Prithvi is the Managing Trustee of Maralli Hallige Trust and President of the Governing Council which runs a village school, Adarsha Vidya Samsthe in Addagal village near Chintamani which has made quality education possible for rural children and is making a great difference. He is the co-founder of Smart Vote, a citizen initiative in Bangalore to make elections more meaningful and increase voter turnout by bringing candidates closer to the voters and by helping voters find their name on the voter lists and vote in the right location. Prithvi is one of the founders of Corruption Saaku! A citizen movement against corruption in Karnataka in November 2009 which later evolved to become the India Against Corruption, Karnataka Chapter. Prithvi is recognized as a person who has been able to bring together various members and organization of civil society in Bangalore to take up issues concerning Bangalore city. His dream is a corruption free society where every child can realize his or her potential and seize the opportunities to learn and grow.


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