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Core Idealogy & Values

(The Abridged Version)

What Is Core ideology ?

Core ideology is the only unchanging part of any entity or organisation.  Clarity about core ideology always makes it easier in matters including:

  1. Views on issues
  2. Selection of members and internal leaders
  3. Policy decisions
  4. Resolving dilemma and conflicts
  5. Making members self-directed and not dependent leaders for decision making

Core Ideology comprises two components namely Core Purpose and Core Values


What is core purpose ?

Core purpose is the raison d’etre of the organisation. It is the overwhelming singular goal for which she takes birth in the minds and hearts of the founding team members.

Ideally, it is a single statement that is simple and easily understandable for every member linked with the organisation.

Core purpose of AAM AADMI

To achieve true ‘Swaraj’  and in doing so, become a powerful instrument of change in politics.   (Read ‘Swaraj’ document to understand better)

Core Values

  • Definition :  These are the uncompromising principles of the group or orgn.  These are not compromised at any cost.
  • Core values are NOT invented or coined but are the inherent and visible behaviours seen on a day to day basis.
  • Core values act as a guide for behaviour to the members of the organisation.
  • These are noted or discovered or brought to awareness.

Core Values of Aam Aadmi Party  

  1. Niswaarth Seva Or Selfless service
  2. commitment to the cause of ‘Swaraj’
  3. Honesty and integrity
  4. Humility
  5. Team work

Anyone who demonstrates these five qualities is ‘aam aadmi’  as per our core values

Anyone with values at variance with these is likely to drift away from the organisation. It is a natural phenomenon.

Hence, it is of paramount importance that core values are spoken about and shared in adequate details at the stage of enrolling a member into the organisation.

 Value #1 : Self less service

Selfless service is -

  • Walk the path of ‘niswaarth seva’ at all times
  • Be one who stands for the goal of ‘swaraj’ and willing to stake everything for the cause
  • Working for the cause by setting aside personal goals and  aspirations
  • Confronting people or situations appropriately where warranted in order to weed out selfish elements
  • Not compromising on ideals for short term gains - personal or organisational

Value #2 : Commitment to ‘Swaraj’, our purpose

Commitment to ‘Swaraj’ is -

  • Putting the core purpose and the organisation ahead of everything including self and personal goals
  • Being clear and decisive at all times w.r.t movement towards the purpose
  • Not worrying about precedences and being guided by purpose where there is no precedence.
  • Being out of the box or original if that takes us closer to the purpose.
  • Not afraid to commit mistakes as long as the commitment is to ‘Swaraj’
  • Fearless and unflinching in the face of opposition from any quarter including powerful opponents, govt machinery, vested interests and so on
  • Be ready to take any role as per organisational needs and requirements
  • being the ‘sun’ (source of energy) to the organisation and enhancing commitment in others around you through personal role modelling (team work)
  • own up the failures personally and credit the team members when we meet with success (team work).
  • taking initiative in suggesting solutions to a problem in your and around your area of activity.
  • Saying – “I did not know OR I did not expect this to happen”
  • Saying – “that is NOT practical”

Value #3  : Honesty and integrity

Honesty and Integrity is -

  • To Ensure no conflict of interest at all times
  • To clearly communicating to any stake holder what AAP stands for without fear or favour
  • To confront truth and preserving probity at all times
  • sharing and disclosing everything relevant in appropriate forum
  • being truthful in all the commitments that we make to any stake-holder - internal or external
  • trying our best to meet the commitments at all costs and even at the expense of personal comfort and pain
  • acting on any complaint within 72 hours of receipt in my area of influence
  • not just about being legally and technically right in tricky or tough situations
  • ensuring that we are never over-committing and or under-delivering
  • Not offering freebees or quid pro quo to any stake holder just to get some work done or get past a tricky or difficult situation

Value #4 :  Humility

Humility is -

  • being simple and approachable
  • being down-to-earth and hands-on
  • being gracious in defeat and humble in victory and accepting both as a verdict from the ‘aam aadmi’ is humility
  • Not throwing ones weight around by quoting people or dropping names
  • being open to feedback from any source – internal or external
  • accepting ideas from anyone – even juniors or less experienced volunteers or members
  • never making personal attacks on any member or even opponent without substantial evidence
  • celebrating contributions by other members and underplaying oneself in the process
  • putting the purpose of the team ahead of oneself
  • Being consultative and consensus led at all times vis a vis other team members
  • Promote sense of belonging by creating a culture of no hierarchy or prejudices
  • confronting and clarifying with seniors as well as encouraging team members and juniors to do the same, thereby inculcating team working as a culture
  • discouraging groupism and internal politics at all times and be seen as a paragon of team membership
  • publicly acknowledge good work by others; negative feedback or sensitive team matters to be dealt with only in private
  • not talking negatively about anyone in his or her absence
  • ensuring ‘I’  does not become louder than ‘we’
  • ensuring that the personal goals coming in the way of team and core purpose
  • not being rude, intimidating and insulting under any circumstance


5 Tasks to be done by any volunteer before assigned tasks of  volunteership :

  1. Read and internalise the vision and the ‘swaraj’ and core value documents
  2. 25 door-to-door visits and membership drive participation with an existing volunteer
  3. Personally, make 25 members in own locality or city
  4. Get 10 donations for AAP
  5. Make 10 calls to any one you know for AAP membership or volunteership

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