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AAP's Blueprint for Delhi

The Aam Aadmi Party started Delhi Dialogue, an initiative to conduct a comprehensive study of the problems that plague Delhi and take stock of the aspirations of its citizens. This was used to create a concrete, feasible and long-term roadmap and vision for Delhi. Our manifesto is not a run-of-the-mill production of a few wise men. It is the synthesis of hundreds of expert interviews as well as thousands of citizen meetings and lakhs of feedback forms, online comments, email suggestions, project proposals and in keeping with the new age: Whatsapp messages, Tweets and Facebook comments.

As a natural follow up of Delhi Dialogue, in this manifesto, we present a detailed, structured, feasible and sustainable plan to solve the intractable problems of Delhi.

Click Here To Download Jal Swaraj-White Paper by AAP 

Click Here To Download Bijli Swaraj-White Paper on Electricity

Read AAP's 70 point Action Plan 

Please see the English version of the Manifesto-2015 here.  

You can also read AAP's Manifesto in Hindi.

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