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Manifesto 2014

Aam Aadmi Party has announced its manifesto for 2014. You can view it online by clicking on each section or download pdf version of each section. You can Download the Complete Manifesto (pdf, 25 MB) and घोषणापत्र हिंदी में (pdf 300 KB) as well. 


1.    Why vote for Aam Aadmi Party? (Download pdf)

SWARAJ  | (Download pdf)

2.    Bringing an end to Corruption

3.    Devolving Power Directly to the People

4.    Providing Swift, Accessible Justice to the Common Man

5.    Ensuring Accountable, Humane Policing

6.    Free and Fair Elections, Improving Representation

EDUCATION AND HEALTH  | (Download pdf)

7.    Health: Universal Access to all Citizens

8.    Education for All

ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY | (Download pdf)

9.    Facilitating Robust Economic Growth with Holistic Well-being

10.Creating Decent Jobs and Gainful Employment for our Youth

11.Simplify Rules, Create Accountable Institutions, Curb Black  Economy

12.Promoting Honest Business, Unleashing Entrepreneurial Energy

13.Empowering Citizens, particularly the Poor and Vulnerable

14.Reinvigorating the Rural Economy

15.Improving Farmers’ Livelihood

16.Environment and Natural Resources Policy

17.No Contractualisation of Jobs

18.Social Security for the Unorganised Sector

19.Protecting the Common Man from Rising Prices

SOCIAL JUSTICE | (Download pdf)

20.Gender Justice

21.Ending Caste-based Inequalities

22.Life Of Dignity to the Valmiki Community

23.Secularism and Communal Harmony

24.Security and Non-discrimination towards Muslims

25.Adivasis: Taking Charge of Their Own Development

26.Empowerment of Persons with Disability

27.Nomadic and De-notified Tribes

28.Animal Welfare


29.Sports and Culture

30.Media Policy

NATIONAL SECURITY  | (Download pdf)

31.External Defence

32.Foreign Policy

33.Internal Security


Download the Complete Manifesto (pdf, 25 MB) | घोषणापत्र हिंदी में


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