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AAP follows Obama's campaign strategy for Delhi polls

Wednesday 5 Nov 2013

IBN Live

New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party poised as game-changer are also tapping into the social media in a big way. AAP's Delhi chief ministerial candidate Arvind Kejriwal has learnt from US President Barack Obama's campaign strategy. Arvind Kejriwal has admitted to an NRI from Singapore at a Google hangout that his team has tracked the Obama election campaign very closely. The Obama campaign used the Internet to create a large volunteer base and reached out to every person to get the vote out. But the question that emerges is how the Aam Admi Party planning to convert its support base into votes. In a room in Karawal nagar, AAP candidate Kapil Mishra is with a laptop and a projector and is being helped by Varun Gupta who is from Seattle. The team is connected to another team in Seattle through a Google hangout and this is one of the ways in which the app is giving a boost to its campaign and fine tuning it further. Kapil Mishra said, "We have to know the addresses of the people who would work at the booth level. Every booth must have 20 people and on December 4 and they should commit all their time to us. " Harjit, a volunteer, said, "We are putting all the information in the excel sheets. We have committed that all volunteers will speak to twenty people." Kapil said, "These people have a unique skill set, an expertise which we can use."` Kapil also takes stock of the campaign's progress. Every booth here is colour coded. Taking a leaf out of the Obama campaign, the aim is to get 100 per cent of their supporters to the polling booth. Varun Gupta said the party has offered a complete solution to the people. "Most of the people have been attracted to the Janlokpal movement after the formation of the party. Kejriwal has infused the same energy into his campaign and the mood remains that of protest, change and hope," he said. Using both old fashioned and modern ways, the AAP is using every tool to amplify its message. Amit Gupta, Professional from Singapore, said. "I have extended my leave by three days and will fly back on December 4 after voting."

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