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Should AAP form a government in Delhi?

Update: Online voting is now closed. We will be announcing the results on Monday, Dec 23. 


दिल्ली वासियों से अपील  - Please read the appeal or watch the video explaining the context behind this appeal. Scroll down for voting your preference. 

My Dear Delhites,

The Assembly election results are out and the Aam Aadmi Party’s broom has swept in 28 seats. I take this opportunity to congratulate you all for this feat. It is the common man who has won in these elections. However, 36 seats are needed to claim a majority in house and form the government. We are short by 8 seats. No single party has managed to acquire the requisite 36 seats. Despite getting 32 seats, the wave of clean politics that the Aam Aadmi Party has created is compelling the BJP to avoid horse trading for power, something they have been so proficient at in the past in Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and UP.

Now, the Congress wishes to give unconditional support to the Aam Aadmi Party. And the BJP says that we must form the government in Delhi and for the welfare of the people it will offer issue-based support. We had not asked these parties to support us. They are offering us their support of their own accord. What is astounding is these are the same parties who give and take as much as 10 crore Rupees per M.L.A. when it comes to horse trading for power.

I want you to firstly think of the reason for the birth the Aam Aadmi Party. It came into being as a mandate against the corrupt, criminal and communal politics of the BJP and Congress.  We have not come into politics to acquire power, we have come here to change this system.  It was the plight of the common man that motivated him to rise and form the Aam Aadmi Party. How can a party from such beginnings now form government with the support of the very same parties that were the cause of its inception?

But some people feel that the Aam Aadmi Party is running away from its responsibilities. It should take outside support from the BJP and/or the Congress and form the government. If they offer good governance and still these parties withdraw their support, re-elections would take place and the people would teach them a lesson.

We are not here to capture power and rule Delhi. Who are we? We are the common man. The same common man who is sick and tired of the corruption and price rise. We think that if a government has to come into existence, it should be based on an unanimous will to deliver good governance and redress those problems from which they are suffering for so many years. Thus we wrote a letter to both of these parties. We have asked whether they support us on the following 18 issues which affect the people of Delhi directly 


Issue 1) End of VIP culture in Delhi : No member of the Delhi Legislative assembly, minister of the Delhi government or government official would be allowed to use transportation with red beacons. He will not live in big bungalows and shall not ask for special security for himself. Every minister/ official should live like a common man.

Issue 2) A strong anti-graft Lokapal bill would be passed. It would amount to investigation of all the scams that the Congress and BJP have done till now in the Delhi government and the MCD.

Issue 3) The law of Swaraj will be enacted in Delhi. The right to take decisions about his Mohalla/colony/street will be given directly to the people. The councillor and MLA funds in Delhi would be discontinued.  The money would be given directly to the Mohalla Sabhas so that the public decides on how to spend the money in its locality.

Issue 4) Delhi would be granted the status of a "Complete State"

Issue 5) Compulsory audit of all electricity companies. The electricity bills would be slashed to half.

Issue 6) Every malfunctioning electricity meter in Delhi would be probed for irregularities.

Issue 7) 700 litres of clean water would be supplied daily to each and every house of Delhi.

Issue 8) All unauthorized colonies in Delhi would be regularized within a year and basic civic amenities would be provided to them.

Issue 9) Jhuggis shall not be demolished till they people living there are provided with alternate houses.

Issue 10) Contract labour shall be abolished in services which are regular in nature. All jobs in such services shall be regularized.

Issue 11) The VAT taxes would be simplified and the VAT rates would be reassessed.

Issue 12) Foreign Direct Investement will not be allowed in retail in Delhi.

Issue 13) All the services and subsidies which are given to the farmers of other states would be provided to the farmers of Delhi as well. Without the permission of the Gram Sabha, land acquisitions shall not take place. More areas in Delhi would come under the jurisdiction of the Gram Sabhas by the extension of Lal Dora.

Issue 14) Government schools will provide better education than private schools. More than 500 new government schools would be opened.  The tradition of donations to private schools will be eliminated and there will be complete transparency in the fee structuring of private schools.

Issue 15) New government hospitals would be opened and government hospitals shall provide better healthcare than private hospitals.

Issue 16) A special task force for the safety of Women will be established. New courts would be made and new judges appointed so that the redressal of cases related to Women Harassment takes place within 6 months.

Issue 17) New judges to be appointed to facilitate the creation of fast track courts for these special courts mentioned above.

Issue 18) Other parties to support the Aam Aadmi Party in issues relating to central government.


For the first time in the history of modern India, a party is exhibiting a will to form an issue-based government instead of forming a government to merely acquire power. 

The BJP has refused to answer our letter.  The same BJP claims to offer issue-based support to the Aam Aadmi Party for the welfare of the people of Delhi. This goes to show that BJP is merely playing dirty politics. They neither want the welfare of the Delhi people, nor do they want to support any issue.

The Congress has replied. They say that 16 out of the 18 issues are Executive in nature and we would not need their support in discharging these duties. They are ready to support us on 2 of the other issues.

Everyone knows that Congress is an extremely sly party. It is the party that is diametrically opposed to our principles and policies and the main reason for the genesis of our party. How can we take the support of such a party to form a government? They have a history of tricking people like Mr. Chaudhary Charan Singh and Mr. Chandrashekhar and toppling their governments.

But some people say that with the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, the Congress cannot afford to cheat us. It is almost an obligation for them to support us. At least for 6 months, the Congress shall not resort to any sly tactics. In such circumstances, the Aam Aadmi Party should form a government for 6 months and push for the resolution of these issues that would benefit the public directly.

We are in a difficult situation. While some of our supporters feel that we should stay aloof and not take support from any of these parties and go for re-election, some others feel that the Aam Aadmi Party should try and form a government in Delhi and prove itself by delivering on what it has promised.

In such a situation, we reach out to you, the people of Delhi. We like you to weigh in with your suggestions. We don't believe in taking decisions in closed room meetings.  We want to ask the people because Aam Aadmi Party is not owned by a handful of men.  We are of, by and for the people. We would abide by whatever the people decide. It is advice of the people that shall hold supreme for us in decision making on this or any other issue.

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