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No action taken on previous complaints to the police

The residents of Khirki extension had made three written and numerous verbal complaints to the police about alleged illegal activities (including sale of Drugs). Copy of the complaints made by the residents themselves can se seen below. Complaints were made to


1. SHO, Malaviya Nagar on 24 Nov, 2013

2. DCP (South) on 26 Nov, 2013

3. Comissioner of Police, 2nd Dec 2013


AAP wants to target the illegal drug & sex racket run by mafia. People of the area had concern about illegal activities for long time and even complained to police multiple times but no action had been taken. Mr. Bharati, as local representative of the area, went to spot to respond to people's request and was only asking for police's action. We were not targeting nor ever will target someone based on race, religion or caste and will stand will people who are neglected by the system 



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