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2014 Elections - Proformas & Guidelines for permissions

Proformas & Guidelines for permission from Election Comission Forms & General Guidelines for organising rally, jansabha, padyatra, car/bike rally etc

All forms below can be accessed by clicking here


For places where you have single window, use the below formats for taking permission

Rally/Sabha: Proforma for seeking permission for Jansabha, processions, meetings and other gatherings

Expenditure Sheet: Attach this expenditure sheet with every application


For places where single window is not available, you have to take separate permissions from Land owning, fire, traffic

Land Owing - Proforma for permission from land owing agencies like Municipal Corporations, DDA etc

Fire - Proforma for permission from fire department for any election campaign activity

Traffic - Proforma to seek permission from local traffic police for rallies, processions etc


For taking permissions for pamphlets, posters, stickers, use these formats

Print Material (Party) - Guideline and Proforma to seek approval from EC for any kind of print material (Poster, Pamphlets, Banners etc) to be used in campaigning

Print Material (Publisher) - Submission of information by the publisher for approval for printing  & guidelines 

Print Material (Publisher) - Declaration to be submitted by the publisher for printing of material like posters, banners, pamphlets


Office Intimation Letter – Submit this letter to inform EC about the party office

Vehicle Permission - Proforma for seeking vehicle permission for vehicles used by the party. 


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